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Tips to Increase Search Engine Ranking Position


Recently I have noticed that the search engine traffic for this blog has accelerated to a huge extent and this has happened because of my new experimentation. I have also noticed that I this blog is being ranked number 1 on Google for some good keywords and is also ranked in the top 10 search results for some keywords on Yahoo and Live search.

Tips To Increase Search Engine Ranking Position

Search Engine Ranking Position or SERP, as most of you already know, refers to the search result position of your blog/site for certain keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live search. The higher search engine ranking position you have the more traffic you get and similarly you can make more and more money online. Moreover this gives you a consistent traffic unlike those social networks traffic which die away after some days.

Here are some tips for you to Increase your search engine ranking position just the way I did.

1. Use a Keyword Relevant Post Title

Make sure that if you are writing a post about “Google Phone” then the title for that post must have the keyword “Google Phone” in it or if your post is about “Making Money Online” then its title should reflect that you are talking about “Making Money Online”.

2. Use Meta Keywords

“keywords” are the language for search engine bots and if your blog has good communication skills it will automatically rank higher in search engines. Please be sure to add relevant keywords to your blog post. Ultimate Tag Warrior is a good plugin for wordpress that can help you add post tags as your post meta keywords.

3. Use Relevant Tags and Keywords

If your post is about “iPhone” then make sure you add keywords like “Apple, Apple-iPhone, iPhone” etc in your post meta and avoid adding other keywords or tags like “Mobile, Unlock-Mobile” etc just for the sake of catching search engine attention. This can get your blog penalized.

4. Use Trailing Keywords

It is a nice idea to use trailing keywords in your post meta if you have a descriptive and well-organized post. For example if you post about “Microsoft Compatibility Pack For Office 2007” here are perhaps some good trailing keywords that may help you get search engine love “Microsoft-Compatibility-Pack, Office-2007-Compatibility-Pack, Download-Microsoft-Compatibility-Pack, Download-Office-2007-Compatibility-Pack”

5. Use Keyword Suggestion Tool

If you are going to tell me that you already use the overture keyword suggestion tool then my suggestion is you should quit using that tool at once because we have the Google Adwords Keywords Tool. This tool will not only tell hep you find good keywords for your post but will also tell you the search engine trends for that particular keyword.

6. Use Keyword in Post Body

Remember to use the targeted keyword somewhere in the beginning of your post body at least once as this will attract those search engine bots who still love that great old meta description tag. You can get a good plugin for wordpress that will add your post excerpt as your page meta description.

7. Use Keyword in Post Slug

I don’t need to emphasize much on this as you will already get a keyword relevant post slug if you have a keyword relevant post title all thanks to the automatic slug creating powers of wordpress but in the case where you make custom slugs for your post always remember this rule.

8. Use Keyword in Headings and Bold Tag

Search Engines love it when you expose your targeted keyword. Using your post targeted keyword in <strong> and <h1> <h2> <h3> tags help you get some search engine consideration.

9. Use Keyword in alt and Image Titles

Using target keywords inside alt HTML tags and image title tags is just another spicy way of doing some search engine optimization for your blog.

10. Use Keyword Relevant anchor Text

Lets say you made a post and it went popular. Most of the people who link to you will automatically link you through your keyword relevant anchor text. But for the ones who have not got a brain just ask them to link to you using your keyword relevant anchor text

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  • Shankar Ganesh June 24, 2007, 4:44 pm

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  • Jayadrathsingh June 24, 2007, 8:36 pm

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    ann That page has a very nice list of search engine ranking position monitoring tools. Thanks a lot for your great share.

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