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Monitor and Control Bandwidth Utilization in Firefox and IE

Everyone likes to surf the web freely and without any interruptions but for users with limited bandwidth plans it is hard to limit and keep a track of all bandwidth being used. Firefox Throttle is one such Firefox extension that will help users in monitoring and controlling their bandwidth speeds and usage.


Firefox Throttle allows you to cap download/upload rates and monitor current bandwidth utilization. It is a good choice to use this extension if you are on a limited data plan or you are running another application simultaneously (e.g. a multiplayer game) that is using your Internet connection too so with this you can simply limit the Internet data being used by Firefox.

Here is a list of features for this Firefox extension:

  • Limit download and upload rates for all open Firefox windows/tabs and downloads
  • Bursting mode (allow short rate “bursting” after inactivity)
  • Preset and custom limits
  • Exclude lists for IP addresses and domains that should not be throttled
  • Automatically excluded LAN IPs
  • Traffic stats (for current session and historic since last reset)
  • Status panel with current bandwidth utilization indicators (or traffic counters)
  • Quick throttling on/off toggle on status panel

Firefox Throttle can be download from here.

Likewise, a similar plugin for IE is also available called IE Throttle (link) which does the same job.



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  • USBman February 9, 2008, 10:41 pm

    This certainly sounds like it would work well for a specific user. If you have a broader set of needs, or (gasp) don’t use Firefox, I might suggest you do this at the level of your router. This can be done using alternative firmware packages for your router. Many are available, but a good place to get started might be an article at Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/344765/turn-your-60-router-into-a-user+friendly-super+router-with-tomato

    By doing this, you do not have to install anything (so it is not specific to a given computer), it is not specific to any particular program (Firefox or IE), and you have even greater control and more options over how your connection behaves.

    I do want to emphasize that Firefox Throttle sounds great though. I’m just suggesting another option.

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