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Monitor and Control Bandwidth Utilization in Firefox and IE

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  • Limit download and upload rates for all open Firefox windows/tabs and downloads
  • Bursting mode (allow short rate “bursting” after inactivity)
  • Preset and custom limits
  • Exclude lists for IP addresses and domains that should not be throttled
  • Automatically excluded LAN IPs
  • Traffic stats (for current session and historic since last reset)
  • Status panel with current bandwidth utilization indicators (or traffic counters)
  • Quick throttling on/off toggle on status panel

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Likewise, a similar plugin for IE is also available called IE Throttle (link) which does the same job.



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  • USBman February 9, 2008, 10:41 pm

    This certainly sounds like it would work well for a specific user. If you have a broader set of needs, or (gasp) don’t use Firefox, I might suggest you do this at the level of your router. This can be done using alternative firmware packages for your router. Many are available, but a good place to get started might be an article at Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/344765/turn-your-60-router-into-a-user+friendly-super+router-with-tomato

    By doing this, you do not have to install anything (so it is not specific to a given computer), it is not specific to any particular program (Firefox or IE), and you have even greater control and more options over how your connection behaves.

    I do want to emphasize that Firefox Throttle sounds great though. I’m just suggesting another option.

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