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Microsoft Task Market, A Marketplace for Freelancers

Microsoft has introduced a new service called Microsoft Task Market which connects small businesses with skilled freelancers for marketing and other document help such as graphic design, writing and editing, document translation, and creating or enhancing presentations and spreadsheets.

In short and easy words, Task Market allows you to post a job in order to find someone who can do it for you or search for jobs for which you can get paid in return.

This service is very similar to other famous job boards like GetaCoder and GetaFreelancer but with Microsoft on its backend, Task Market looks quite promising.

The interface is very easy and simple and you can easily login using any of your Windows Live accounts. Users have their own profile where they get rated on the amount of jobs they have posted/solved. All payments are done using Paypal.

Good and quite useful service and I am hoping to see more of it in the coming future.



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