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Apple announces possible launch date for new iPhone

iphone-wwdcApple just announced it! The 2009 Worldwide Developer Conference, the same event which marked the birth of iPhone 3G last year. Rumors are strong about the possible launch of the new iPhone in June, which seems to be in line with the launch of the previous two models. This year’s WWDC would be in San Fransisco once again, stretching from June 8 to June 12, 2009.

According to the official website, the focus of this years event would be on the upcoming release of the OS X, named Snow Leopard, along with the newest version of the iPhone OS. Apart from that, there would be discussions on various offerings of Apple.

There is no official word that whether we would get to see the newest iPhone hardware there as well, but it seems very likely.

This is partly true due to the reason that Apple made similar announcements in June last year, and the fact that Steve Jobs is expected to make the return from his sick leave in June can’t also be underplayed. Whether or not they unveil the new devices, Apple are doing a great job of keeping all the rumors going, which are more than enough to create a massive hype for an event.

Till now, we can’t say how much more rumors would it take before Apple officially give the word, but some interesting findings in the past couple of weeks raise a lot more than a few possibilities.



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