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Google To Launch Ultra High-Speed Fiber Network

Internet search giant Google has unveiled plans of building the world’s fastest ultra-high-speed broadband network for some 50,000 to 500,000 customers at no charge. The service will be initiated to one or more American cities in the start and later expanded. Google isn’t targeting any specific organization as it reveals that the service will be available across the nation from politicians to economic development organizations.

Google says that America lags high-speed Internet access and wants to bring in the service to make the country, the most developed in broadband. Last week, the government had announced to introduce the high speed internet access through its national broadband plan, according to the FCC.

Google will offer the customers with a network with speed up to one Gigabit per second which is 100 times faster than what the country’s high-speed connections are offering. All states are filing for the bids, with the deadline being Friday, in order to avail the service. The winning proposal will get the Google’s fastest service implemented in the city and would surely lead to success in the recession hit country.

Mayor of Topeka, Kansas, Bill Bunten has surprised the nation by renaming his city Google for the month of March. Another city participating in the bid has called to name every male born in the city, Google Fiber, in reference to the fiber-optic cable. Masidon City, Wisconsin has introduced a new flavor of ice cream naming it ‘Google Fiber’ while also adding M&Ms to match the Google’s logo. In the city of Palo Alto, California, city employees have started to dance to a tune with banners everywhere reading, ‘Palo Alto for Google Fiber’.

Existing broandband service providers told that Google is only doing this as a publicity stunt and won’t be able to last long.



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