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HTC Evo 4G Launch Gets Closer with FCC approval

HTC EVO 4G arrival just got one step closer as the first Android powered 4G network phone got a green signal from the FCC.

Sprint’s FCC filing reveals HTC PC36100 as the offical model number of the phone, which is more commonly known as HTC EVO 4G. This development is really important because if the approval was not granted, people wouldn’t have seen the device hit the retail stores.

So a token of thanks and appreciation goes to the FCC for giving this device the go ahead signal. So now, Sprint can start rolling out the training units for its employees. For those who are hearing about this device for the first time, HTC EVO 4G is an Android 2.1 powered device with an 8MP camera along with a front facing camera, 720p video recording support and much more.

The official release date for the phone whose pre-orders will start in late part of May, is yet to be revealed but I am hoping that the Sprint folks might announce the release date at the upcoming launch party.

[via i4u]



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