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Samsung Road Sms App for Android. Download Now!

It is not unusual to bump into people and things while you walk and use your phone, simultaneously. The scenario shall be worst if any gaping manhole comes your way while you walk. No need to say that if the hole is open then, surely, you and your phone are gone underground.

Well Samsung brings you the solution by providing the RoadSms app. It is exclusive to Samsung apps and only the Samsung Galaxy S users are lucky enough to use it. What this really cool application does is that it displays a keyboard on your screen and you can also see the path you are trudging upon, while you walk and use your phone.

Those of you who don’t have the Samsung Galaxy S phone, should now say goodbye to their sorrow. Yes! The .Apk version of the Road Sms Application runs on phones other than Galaxy S, as well. It works perfectly fine on Nexus One so won’t be wrong to say that the app shall work for any Android phone. Download it.

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