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Virgin Group To Release iPad Only Magazine Next Week

The iPad indeed is stirring up some serious anticipation among many different platforms in the market, as more and more company look forward to presenting their products exclusively to the iPad owners. Just recently, we have been hearing about an exclusive iPad-only newspaper, named The Daily, a project by News Corp. as it expands its horizons using the iPad, and now if that were not enough, Richard Branson, the Chairman, Virgin Group, has made up his mind to announce a new magazine, that will be exclusively built as an app, just for the Apple iPad.

Virgin already distributes a number of printed magazines to passengers on its flights, magazines which include Seatback and an entertainment magazine called Electric!. These magazines are only handed out to the passengers onboard and are never exactly destined for the general public as these are not marketed for them.

However, this new venture does draw some excitement to its name. This move just might prove to take the group one step forward as currently there are quite a number of publications that have rolled out digital versions for the iPad, ending up in creating a lot of demand from advertisers, apart from the fact that News Corp. has invested $30 million in its iPad-only newspaper, that is said to be launching in December.

Tablet devices are all the rage these days, where manufacturers are competing head to head for procuring a dominant share in the tablet market. The iPad and other tablets give publishers a chance to produce high quality content with having to bear the costs of printing and distribution. However, it can not be denied that major revenue does still come from print versions and the fact that developing apps for the iPad can prove to be extremely costly. Virgin Group and News Corp. must be waiting in anxiety, to see whether or not they generate enough profits through advertising on the iPad. The announcement is said to be made on Tuesday, at a press event in New York City.

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