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Rovio Brings Christmas Joy To Angry Birds With New Update

Angry Birds is all over the news these days, and its fairly legitimate that it is constantly keeping users engaged with news related to this phenomenal game, considering the fact that Angry birds is most definitely one of the dominating games for iOS and Android mobile platforms. On the iOS, Angry birds is definitely one of the best selling games of all times, with around 10 million paid downloads, whereas, Android users have downloaded it 7 million times since its release in October.

Previously, we told you about Rovio’s plans of bringing Angry Birds to more conventional gaming platforms such as the PS3, Xbox and Wii, read more about that, here. However, it seems so that Rovio has plans of bringing an exciting update for Angry Birds on Christmas, to be specific, Angry Birds Halloween will get a special yuletide-themed update this Christmas, which the company, Rovio has admitted to in a Twitter update. So not only does Rovio plan to take Angry Birds beyond mobile and tablet platforms, it also brings new updates to the game, making sure that the phenomenal amount of people who play this game, always have something new to experience.

We already know that this particular game has appealed to people of almost every age group, all of which will definitely be waiting for any new update to the game. So here’s the bright side, iOS users of Angry Birds Halloween will be getting this update free of cost early this December, while on the other hand, Android users can rejoice as well, because the Christmas edition will also be available for them, absolutely free. An excellent Christmas present indeed!

How addicted are you to Angry Birds? And are you anxious for some heavy bird-slinging and pig slingshotting this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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