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Instagram Updated with New Languages And Posterous Support

Considering the fact that the Apple iPhone has been a phenomenal hit in the market, many people use this very device for taking photos and capturing precious moments forever, and in this world of seamless connectivity, good photo sharing services are definitely a top priority. iPhone users can now rejoice, as Instagram’s popular mobile photo sharing application for the iPhone has been updated and it features some vital improvements. Read on below to find out more.

Primarily, the first big improvement to notice is that the app now features Posterous support, mentions and translated versions are now available in Japanese, German and Portuguese languages. This particular update will also allow users to post to social sites after the initial upload has been done and it also includes bug fixes, photo-taking performance improvements and better follower/following list support.

This particular language update means that users who wish to change the default language on the iPhone to any of the languages mentioned above, will now see the application in that specific language. This may be because of the fact that the app now wants to cater to as many international users as it can, because the number of users of Instagram’s photo sharing service is growing rapidly all around the world, and more languages can be expected to come soon enough.

The addition of Posterous in Instagram is a good thing as it now lets users share their mobile photos instantaneously with Posterous and also a total of five services. Without a doubt, this particular update will be welcomed among users, as the app will now allow them to seamlessly share photos between different services almost instantaneously. Let us know what you think about the updated Instagram in your comments below.

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