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Motorola Releases Short ‘Tablet Evolution’ Teaser Video Hinting Honeycomb Device at CES

It seems like we can expect some tough competition coming towards current tablet market dominators such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab and the BlackBerry Playbook, which isn’t actually a dominator, because it isn’t available just yet, from none other than Motorola, which has released a short teaser video, which frankly teases a lot.

In this short teaser video, Motorola gives a flashback of earlier tablets in history, which were mostly carved out of rock and stone. Along the ride in history, it mocks current devices such as the iPad by referring to it as a “giant iPhone” and the Galaxy Tab by saying that it runs “Android OS, but Android OS… for a phone”.

Now there two ways to look at this video, first it can just be perceived as only bashing its competitors throughout the video, however it can also be perceived in a way that presents a message, a message which states that the iPad and the Galaxy Tab will be history just like those rock and stone tablets once Motorola is done with its ‘Tablet Evolution’, something which the buzzing bee in front of Motorola’s new red logo at the end of the video just might relate to, meaning that we shall definitely be seeing some Android 2.4 / 3.0 Honeycomb action as this version is specifically optimized for tablet devices.

As the CES is just a couple of weeks away, we anxiously wait to see what Motorola has in store for us.

Have a look at the short teaser video:


Via Engadget



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