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Without Revealing Any Official Sales Figures Barnes & Noble Claims That the Nook E-readers are Its Best Selling Products

Back in October, Barnes and Noble launched their new e-reader/touchscreen tablet, NookColor, and this particular device has been a popular seller, as the retailer claims that this was the number-one selling gift of the holiday season.

As mentioned previously, Barnes and Noble has not given out any official sales figures, which is a move similar to Amazon’s, rather the retailer just refers to “millions of NOOK eReading devices sold,” however, regardless of that, this announcement shows the growing interest of people in such e-reader devices, which is further substantiated by the fact that the retailer also reported that it sells more digital books now than physical ones on BN.com

However, one could be very anxious about the sales figures as it would help see the comparative popularity of Nook e-readers with other devices in the market, because Amazon only claimed that the Kindle 3 was its best selling device, where as Barnes and Noble says that the entire line of Nook e-readers has been a massive hit, a set of official figures could really solidify this claim.

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