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Microsoft Working On Official Kinect Drivers & SDK for Windows Which May Release in Summer

We all know the possibilities of the Xbox Kinect peripheral which has been hacked to perform some amazing functions, and for long people have wondered whether or not Microsoft plans on bringing Kinect support to the Windows platform. However, according to a WinRumors report quoting anonymous sources, Microsoft is working on the official software developers kit (SDK) for Kinect which is likely to be released in beta some time in the next few months.

It appears that support for Kinect will be a part of Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio and is also likely to be integrated into Windows 8 in a major way.

These details follow Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s statement at CES in which he said that the company plans on eventually supporting the Kinects’s use on computers, he however gave no ETA for the SDKs release.

Obviously, this report can’t be termed fully authentic until we hear something from the folks at Microsoft but when considering the level of detail in the report and the author’s confidence in information provided by the anonymous sources, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when Microsoft finally brings Kinect to the Windows platform.

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