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Google Internally Testing Google Music

CNET has shared a rumor according to which Google has initiated internal testing (more commonly referred to as dog fooding) of Google Music, a product which the search engine giants talked about in last year’s I/O event.

As far as the existence of Google Music is concerned, all of us got a pleasant surprise from XDA Developers Forums, when a user who ported Honeycomb to his smartphone was able to use the musical service in what could be described as an accident. Music Industry insiders have confirmed CNET that the service was indeed a real one but the final version could bring a few surprises which I am sure will be the pleasant ones.

Google Music which is a streaming based service in essence will be accessible over the web and will work on internet connected phones and Tablets.

Google was initially expected to launch Google Music in late 2010 which clearly didn’t happen. Then Google set a new tentative goal of demonstrating the music service in early March at the South by Southwest conference. While a delay clearly exists, it isn’t one where technology is the barrier. Instead, it has to do with Google attempting to go after cloud music rights and not being content with Google Music proprietary songs.



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