Sep 17, 2012:

I remember the last time it happened almost four years ago. And hello, we are back to the dark ages once again.

“Blasphemous content will not be accepted at any cost,” Prime Minister Ashraf said.

Prime Minister Ashraf ordered the IT Ministry to block Youtube because video-sharing website failed to remove the anti-Islam film.

Our government has just decided to put a block on YouTube following a lot of riots and unrest in the country against the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film released on YouTube. This, in no way, is the best solution to keep people away from blasphemous content but apparently that’s the only solution the country’s telecom authority can offer.

Keeping in mind that Pakistan is not the only country to issue such a ban. An uprest in Libya following the same video caused the death of the US Ambassador to Libya. Also, Google recently rejected a request by the White House to take the video down which has even caused a further disturbance among the Islamic community.

For now the duration of the ban has not been disclosed. That means that Pakistan is out of luck of watching anything on YouTube indefinitely.

via The News.



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