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Chinese tech site reveals the new iPad Mini, but is it real?

The Chinese tech site “Bolopad” seems to have leaked photos of the new iPad that everyone is calling as the iPad Air or the iPad Mini?

Little do we know about the device so far however we certainly know one thing that Apple is desperate to catch on with its competitors to capture the low-end tablet market and it is working hard to launch a much more affordable version of the iPad this October.

The only thing that is odd about this leaked photo is that its shown to be using iOS 5 with Maps and YouTube (apps which have been abandoned by Apple). with iOS 6 launching in a week, it is only ridiculous to think that Apple would launch an iPad with the old iOS version.

Also the bezel looks very out-of-balance and anyone holding this in hand would have a hard time trying not to interact with the screen since the balance is so thing. Although we are pretty sure that an iPad Mini is already in the works and even though there have been rumors in the past, this year Apple will finally launch one.



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