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iOS 6 Firmware is here! download now for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple is now rolling out iOS 6 to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Known as the world’s most advance mobile operating system, the new firmware comes with a lot of under-the-hood changes and a couple of new features.

To download, simply open the settings.app on your iOS 5 device and update to iOS 6 over-the-air. The other way to download iOS 6 on your device would be to plug it in your computer and use iTunes 10.7 to update to the latest iOS version.

Apple claims to have added more than “200 new features” to this version of iOS as compared to its predecessor the iOS 5. Facebook integration, enhanced Siri and a new Maps.app are some of the noticeable features of iOS 6.

Also since the default YouTube app is no more a part of iOS 6, users can head to the app store to download Google’s new third-party app for YouTube. The iOS 6 is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4/4S, iPod Touch 4/5 and all generations of the iPad except the iPad 1.



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