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Windows 8 adoption rate is slower than Vista and way behind than Windows 7

This is shocking. Despite a blockbuster launch and a whole new range of products it seems that the consumers aren’t feeling the need to upgrade to Windows 8 after all.


Microsoft launched the new Windows 8 OS almost 2 months ago and as the stats pour in, it looks like it will be the slowest OS rollout in the history of the software giant, even behind Windows Vista.

A new data chart compiled by web analytics firm Net Applications shows that the Windows 8 adoption trajectory falls way behind Windows Vista. The report shows that Windows 8’s online usage share through Dec. 22 was 1.6% of all Windows PCs, an uptick from 1.2% of November but still very low as compared to Windows Vista and generations away in technology years as compared to Windows 7.

To put things in perspective, at the same two-month mark in Vista’s release timetable, that OS accounted for 2.2% of all Windows systems, double the month prior.

Net Applications also measures the online usage share of operating systems for all major computing system device types, including smartphones, tablets, and game consoles in addition to PCs. When you account for all of those hardware platforms, Windows 8 currently has about a 1.4 percent share of the overall OS market.



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