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Ubuntu all set to launch a Touch-based OS for Mobile and Tablets

ubuntu touch

However now it is time to look beyond Android and iOS and see how others are planning to capture a share of the mobile and tablets market. Microsoft is trying hard with its new Windows 8 platform which is not just a dekptop/laptop operating system but is also optimized for touch-based devices, but unfortunately the sales are disappointing.

Surprisingly Ubuntu, the free operating system built on top of Linux, also seems to be eyeing closely to get into the touch devices market. Earlier, the company launched Ubuntu for Android which was meant to provide a full desktop experience powered by a dual-core Android phone. And now, they have a counter running on their website that says:

So close, you can almost touch it.

Perhaps Ubuntu is about to make an official debut as a serious contender in the mobile and tablet OS market. We will find out tomorrow!



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