Jan 2, 2013:

On the eve of Dec 31, 2012, the whole world witnessed an uncalled-for unity as everyone joined in to celebrate the arrival of the new year 2013 with new hopes and wishes. Promises were made, resolutions were chartered and goals were realized.

Here are some photos of this annual event being celebrated all around the world across all seven continents. And while we are at it, here 4 fun geeky facts about 2013:

Facts about 2013

  • 2013 is composed of four different digits, and is the first such year since 1987.
  • 2013 is composed of four sequential digits, although obviously not in order. The last such year was nearly 600 years ago, back in 1432. But the next such year is only 18 years away.
  • 2013, 2014, and 2015 are consecutive years each of which is the product of three distinct primes (3 x 11 x 61, 2 x 19 x 53, and 5 x 13 x 31, respectively). The last such three-year sequence was back in 1885-1887, and the next one isn’t until 2665-2667.
  • As was 2012, 2013 is one of only 45 multi-digit numbers that, when spelled out in English, are alliterative (i.e., “two thousand thirteen”).

New Year’s Eve 2013 Photos From Around The World


Photo: theaustralian Photo: theaustralian Photo: NBCnews Photo: NBCnews


Photo: PA Photo: PA Photo: JNVisuals Photo: JNVisuals


Photo: Times Photo: Times Photo: Yahoo! news Photo: Yahoo! news


Photo: Publicradio Photo: Publicradio

New York

Photo: baltimoresun Photo: baltimoresun Photo: baltimoresun Photo: baltimoresun

Kuala Lumpur

Photo: Reuters Photo: Reuters Photo: scmp Photo: scmp



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