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Ubuntu introduces a new touch-based phone OS.

The wait is over. As reported earlier, Ubuntu has taken the wrap off its new touch-based OS but only for mobile (no love for tablets) but unfortunately we won’t get to see it in a phone any sooner than 2014.


The mobile version of Ubuntu is built around the existing Android kernel and drivers, supporting both ARM and x86 processors. The first thing you will notice is the sweet design of this new boy which is definitely catches the eye to an extent. Still, we think it takes a lot of design cue from the current version of Android.

Ubuntu is obviously putting more focus on developing the app ecosystem for its new phone OS with help from developers who are already developing apps for the Ubuntu Software Center. The other feature of this OS is that developers can turn their web apps native which means they will able to develop full scale mobile apps for Ubuntu phone OS just only using HTML5. Of course, others will still have the option to use C/C++ and OpenGL to develop high-end applications and games.

The user-interface in the new Ubuntu phone OS is all about touch-based gestures. A swipe from the right edge takes you back to the last app you were using; another swipe takes you back to the app you used before that. Swiping up from the bottom edge of the phone reveals app controls.

This might be the first ever mobile OS which does not require the use of a physical button at all. In that case, we will find out when we actually see one coming.

Follow on to the Ubuntu website to know more.



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