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Experience the new Blackberry 10 on your Android Phone or iPhone with Glimpse

what was the first thing you did when you found out that Blackberry had launched the new Blackberry 10? You probably searched around for it on a couple of blogs and read the specs.


But Blackberry wants to you to experience the Blackberry 10 in a whole new way. Now, instead of reading reviews from random people and going through the features, you can actually experience the new Blackberry 10 on your Android phone or iPhone by simply going to the ‘Blackberry Glimpse‘ website.

Glimpse provides an interactive walkthrough of the new Blackberry 10 experience features and lets you test the new OS feature by feature. The site is optimized for Android, iPhone and all tablets but not for any other mobile operating system.

This is definitely a great new step by Blackberry to give users the ability to experience the features of the mobile operating system without just having to read the specifications or reviews. Let’s hope Google and Apple catch up with this feature to preview their future mobile operating systems.



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