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Detailed Review on New Features of iOS 7

The next generation Apple iOs, iOs 7 is soon going to be launched by Apple. With this software update things are going to change the iOs operating a big time. A lot of new features were added in the iOS 7 which will help in improving its functionality. Today in this post we will tell you about the new features of iOS 7.

Compatible Devices

Before discussing the new features let’s have a look at the devices which are compatible with iOS 7:-

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 2,3,4
  • IPod 5th Gen

The previous update provided by Apple i.e. iOS 6 was a success but there was only one loophole in that upgrade and that was Apple Maps. So let’s stop talking about other things and have a look at new features which we will see in iOS 7.

New Features of iOs 7



The design of iOS 7 has been improved a lot. Apple has brought flat design in the new iOS 7 which makes it more attractive than ever. The icons are given rounded curves and are provided with unique colors. iOS 7 has been provided with a new and an advanced control center.

Control Center

The control center is improved a lot bringing a lot of advanced features. Swipe from the top and you will see a transparent control center giving you options to turn on and off airplane mode, adjust brightness access WiFi, Bluetooth and moreover you can also control music through the new control center. One cool feature which you will see in Control Center will be an addition of Air Play and Air Drop at the bottom.


One of the best feature which you will see in iOS 7 is integration of Airdrop. With the help of Airdrop you will be able to share app data from one iOS device to another iOS device. Just tap once on your home screen and Airdrop will be activated on your IOS device.

Added Gesture Control

iOS 7 comes with gesture controls. You can use different gesture controls which are corner swipe, edge swipe and press and hold.

Organizing has been made easier in the new iOs 7, where you can add applications by making folders or create sub folders in folders.

iTunes Music and Radio

Apple has been known for their revolutionary music app i.e. iTunes . The iTunes app has been given a major upgrade which will most probably make it the best music player for mobile devices soon. With the help of new iTunes you can sync your music library with your iCloud account which you can access from anywhere. Rotate your iPhone in landscape mode and you will see titles of all the tracks or albums which are present in your iTunes. Tap them and the tile will be zoomed providing you the information about the entire album or track.

Improved Photo gallery

The photo gallery has been updated to provide you additional features. Now you can categorize your favorite photos from one event into groups.


Siri also comes with additional new features in the new iOs 7. The new Siri comes with both male and female voices. New commands have been added in Siri such as, Turn on Bluetooth, Play my last voicemail and Increase my brightness. Siri comes with a new mode which will help it to pronounce your names correctly. In a way you can actually teach Siri how it should pronounce your name and other words.

Your Turn

What’s next? Share with us your insights over iOs 7. Looking forward to your comments.



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