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HTC One Max shows up with AT&T and Verizon branding


HTC recently launched a new smartphone known as the HTC One Max – which is a direct competitor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Also, the One Max is the first HTC smartphone to feature a fingerprint scanner, which allows the user to unlock the screen as well as to launch three favorite apps by assigning an individual finger to each. The device is already available in UK, and now it seems it will be landing in US anytime soon.

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@evleaks – a Twitter account famous for leaking press renders of upcoming devices – tweeted a picture of HTC One Max with AT&T branding on it, and also Verizon-bound One Max was leaked recently as well, and now a press render is revealed which means that we will see an official launch anytime soon.

HTC is all prepared to take down the Note 3 with their new phablet, but do you think HTC got what it takes?

Source: @evleaks



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