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Apple will retain 8MP camera for iPhone 6


iphone-6Apple has been using the 8MP rear camera since the iPhone 4S and has been steadily improving on the formula ever since. It doesn’t look like Cupertino is ready to step up the megapixels, according to a new report that points to the same 8MP shooter on the iPhone 6.

Instead of adding more megapixels, Apple will be continuing to focus on optical low-light and high dynamic range capture. On the iPhone 5S, the new camera additions included the dual-LED and more depth of field.

Ever since the iPhone 4, Apple has been focused on the rear camera as a core component on the iPhone. It has not been upgraded as often as the processor, but every generation Apple adds something new, making it work even better.

On the other side, Android has yet to break any real ground on the camera front, possibly why Apple is pushing even harder to make their camera the easiest and best. There are a few excellent camera running Android, including the Xperia Z1, but the vast majority cannot compete with Apple’s iSight camera.

The iPhone 6 looks to be all change apart from the rear camera, today a rumor came out about a larger 4.7-inch size and slimmed profile, to 6 millimetres. The iPhone 6 will also be wider than the previous iPhone, the first time Apple has added width to the device.

If 2013 was bad for Apple in terms of not bringing out any incredibly new products, 2014 is going to be a nightmare. Luckily, Tim Cook has said 2014 will be the year of innovation for Apple and the larger sized iPhone may keep users happy for another year.

The real question is what else will Apple bring to the iPhone 6, other than a larger and possibly higher resolution display. It is more than likely we will see a new faster processor and possibly some additional RAM, but with the recent design overhaul on iOS7, we may not see that big of a change on the functionality side.



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