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Samsung Huron will be the next Windows Phone for Verizon Wireless


samsung-huronSamsung has been on a Windows Phone hiatus for the past year, alongside HTC. It looks like the South Korean giant is planning to step back onto the platform with the Samsung Huron, a new Windows Phone heading to Verizon Wireless.

Evleaks managed to get hold of a Samsung Huron render, looking a lot like the Galaxy S4. Samsung’s Windows Phone has the same home button, but with a Windows logo slapped in the middle, alongside the Verizon Wireless branding on the top of the device.

The color, light grey, makes us wonder if the Samsung Huron will be the first metallic smartphone. It is likely, considering all we have heard from the rumor mill in the past few months is the Galaxy S5’s metal unibody.

We do not know about the internals of the Samsung Huron, considering the recent GDR3 update, allowing OEM partners to add quad-core processors, 1o80p screens and other high-end specs, we believe the internals will be somewhere close to the Lumia 1520.

Samsung looks like they are reigniting the spark on Windows Phone, after failing to take any market share with the ATIV line. The problem for Samsung was they did no marketing and failed to deliver an experience up to the standards of Nokia.

This could change with the Samsung Huron, we recently heard rumors of a billion dollar deal between Microsoft and Samsung, to keep the South Korean giant working on Windows Phone and creating device capable of competing with Nokia’s lineup.

We are not sure when Samsung will announce the new Windows Phone device, Mobile World Congress is the best bet, alongside the new Galaxy S5 and other Android and Windows devices.

The Samsung Huron will probably still take the ATIV brand name, once it is finally released. We hope Samsung puts some effort into actually winning over Windows Phone fans this year.




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