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Sprint and T-Mobile will both sell Galaxy S5 for $0 down


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T-Mobile has been aggressively pushing the US carrier market in the past few months, making new incentives for people to switch to the carrier and claiming they have the fastest service across all four carriers, after funding billions into their infrastructure.

Even though T-Mobile has made all four carriers offer their own upgrade program, it does not feel like the US carrier market has changed in any way and AT&T and Verizon Wireless still feel on top of the market, dominating sales and customers.

There has been rumors about Sprint and T-Mobile potentially merging, a move backed by SoftBank’s owner, who owns Sprint. The US Regulations Office has been quite adamant that this move cannot happen, as it will break down competitiveness in the market.

It does appear that both the carriers are on the same page with the Galaxy S5 however, whether this was a joint decision or both just wanted to drop the price in the hope of more consumers, we will probably never know.



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