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Four Must-Have Coupon Apps

Coupon App Background

At last count, there were over 400 coupon apps available in iTunes and just under a thousand in the Google Play store.  With so many competitors fighting over today’s coupon-obsessed population we took a look at some of the most popular to help sort out which ones are worth the download.  Price isn’t a factor for any of these because all of these apps make their money when you use their promotion codes to buy products and they grab their commission.  Because of the nature of the business it’s in their best interest for you to click on anything and will go through great lengths to grab that click.  Is it any wonder why the majority of these promo code apps have one-star ratings?

The clear leader in the space is vaunted Coupons.com. The original slayer of Google-favorite RetailMeNot (see below), they are the new heavy-hitter on the block and their iOS and Android apps are, without question, the best on the market.

Our next contender doesn’t even need an app per se to rule this space. One of the internet’s first coupon sites, Keycode has such a great mobile version that you don’t even need to waste a megabyte of your precious data plan to start saving immediately. The latest trend in coupon sites are guaranteed-to-work and Keycode was the first to put out this offering with the other sites just now moving to curtail obviously-spam user submissions.

We would be remiss to include the app with more bells and whistles than any other: the aforementioned iOS app from RetailMeNot.com. If you’re willing to share your location with them they’ll practically send you coupons down to the aisle you’re in at your local Safeway. This type of service comes with a price: the app is quite bloated and unless you’re competing to get on Extreme Couponers you probably could skip this one but if your family consists of mega-shoppers this is a must-have.

Originally a broadband promotions site for Verizon, PromotionCode.org‘s Android app is the exact opposite of RetailMeNot’s: a stream-lined, no-frills promotion app that returns just enough to know if you’re going to be able to use the coupon or not. What it lacks in details it more than makes up for in almost instantaneous loading and quick-sort features.

Go forth and download!



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