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T-Mobile Surpasses Sprint As Third Largest Carrier in the U.S.


T-Mobile’s massive surge in popularity under the leadership of chief executive officer John Legere cannot be understated, as the company announced in the second quarter financial earnings that is surpassed Sprint in total subscribers.

While not a massive surprise, it does show T-Mobile’s strong 2014 performance is leaking into 2015. Though the company has not been as active berating its competition and dropping prices this year, it continues to win over new customers with lower prices and subscription deals that were set in place over the last 18 months.

The latest figures put T-Mobile at 59 million active subscribers, while Sprint is two million behind. T-Mobile added two million subscribers this quarter, surpassing Sprint’s 675,000 new subscribers by quite a large margin.

Sprint is seeing its own resurgence under the leadership of Marcelo Claure, who was installed after the SoftBank acquisition. Claure is pushing new exciting contracts and postpaid plans, as it tries to bring its customer satisfaction rating back up from the dirt.

Both T-Mobile and Sprint are still miles behind AT&T and Verizon Wireless. The two largest carriers hold more than 100 million subscribers each, with Verizon edging out a lead against AT&T. T-Mobile has been taking pot shots at Verizon over the past two years, as it tries to win over more subscribers from the two largest carriers.

T-Mobile and Sprint don’t seem like major competitors, despite both competing for third place. The two partnered with Google to launch Project Fi, a mobile virtual network operator, which automatically switches to a carrier depending on speed and consistency.

Even with T-Mobile’s growing subscriber base, both Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile have said they are still up for sale. The company might look even juicer for someone like Dish Network or Google, both are looking for ways into the wireless market.



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