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Google Fiber’s Coming To San Antonio, Texas


Google Fiber is coming to San Antonio, Texas.

In an announcement earlier today, Google Fiber revealed a second city in Texas will receive 1Gbps fiber optic broadband. San Antonio is the largest expansion yet, with over 1.4 million residents currently living in the city and 4,000 miles to cover.


It is only in the design phase of the rollout, meaning it could be a few years before San Antonio has any strong coverage. AT&T intends to launch U-Verse in the city before that, although customers previously burned by AT&T may want to move over to Google Fiber anyway.

San Antonio city owners made a way for Google Fiber to launch in the region. Normally, to make Google happy, the city leaders need to subsidise the rollout or offer some sort of monetary reward for hooking up customers with fiber optic broadband.

The benefits of superfast broadband for the city leaders is increased business, higher education rates and more money spent online shopping. All indirectly feed into the city becoming greater and more profitable.

Google will start working on a construction plan with the city to deploy fiber optics, before starting work uprooting the city to fit the pipes. Once that is finished, San Antonio neighborhoods will be pressed to respond, with the most popular places getting Google Fiber first.

Even though Google Fiber is speeding up, so are its rivals. Comcast announced superfast broadband, AT&T has continued to expand, Verizon is considering faster speeds and Cox Communications is rolling out a wide variety of new plans for customers.

Google may have the magic touch when it comes to winning over customers, but if the regular Internet service providers get there first, it might be too late.



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