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ReadyBoost for Windows XP

eboostr.jpgReadyBoost is a disk caching technology originally introduced in Windows Vista Operating System. The purpose of this new technology was to use the memory of an external drive e.g. USB Flash memory, SD flash memory etc in order to boost system performance.

The technology was praised a lot because it allowed users to boost system performance with the help of an external device that most people use in their daily life. However it was really sad on part of Microsoft to not provide any update to Windows XP users to use the ReadyBoost feature but then all of a sudden eBoostr came to the rescue.

eBoostr basically brings the concept of ReadyBoost to Windows XP i.e. it allows you to use an additional drive (flash memory or hard disk) as another layer of performance-boosting cache. Means you don’t need to buy Vista just to enjoy this cool new technology. Here are some of the highlighted features of this application:

  • Vista’s ReadyBoost benefits on your Windows XP® machine;
  • Smart caches frequently used applications and files for maximum performance speed up;
  • Supports both USB and non-USB removable media devices, as well as additional hard disks;
  • Allows up to 4 devices for simultaneous smart caching;
  • Cache file size of up to 4GB on each device;
  • Compatible with all ReadyBoost® ready devices.

eBoostr comes as a free trial version, which gives you four hours of functionality each time you boot up, or costs $29 for the full version as indicated by LifeHacker.


Utility to Monitor and Browse Game Servers

hlswtool.jpgGaming has its own charm and specially when we talk about Multiplayer Gaming, it can get really addictive sometimes. Like I am addicted to the following multiplayer games namely Warcraft, DotA, Counter Strike, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty 4

Even though I do not get much time to play all of these games altogether but whenever I get the chance I use it wisely. The best manner to save your time is to use a Game Monitoring Utility which displays real-time stats of game servers. This way you won’t have to spend hours searching for a server with good number of players in it and likewise you don’t need to wander alone in empty server waiting for players.

HLSW is one such powerful gaming and administration-tool, useful for ambitious gamers and also for professional server administrators. It is a utility made for gamers and by gamers with main focus to develop an ergonomic design.

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16GB iPhone now available for $499

That’s right, more power to iPhone and iPod Touch Devices! Apple just introduced models of its iPhone and iPod touch devices with double the memory available in previous versions. There are hardcore users of the devices who need more space for their videos, mp3’s etc and for them 8 GB might not be enough…that is what Apple figured out.

16gbiphone.jpgThey have introduced iPhone with 16 GB of flash memory, the kind that stores data on microchips instead of a spinning disk drive and The iPod touch in a 32 GB model. Both of the new devices will sell for $499, Apple said. This doesn’t mean that they won’t sell the 8 GB iPhones and 16 GB iPods anymore.

Engadget recently had a talk with Apple and it seems like the new iPhone and iPod Touch devices will be available in the market shortly both to US and international customers.

The 16GB iPhone and 32GB iPod Touch will come equipped with the latest 1.1.3 firmware software that brings a lot of new enhancements such as Homescreen Arrangement, Google Maps (My Location), Web Clips, iTunes Movie Rentals and much more.


N-Gage Platform for Nokia Mobiles Goes Live


N-Gage is what Nokia mobile users have been anticipating from a very long time. After much delays and expectations a pre-release of the N-Gage platform is finally available for download as reported by AllAboutSymbian. N-Gage is more than just games actually. It is a whole community based gaming platform where you can interact and socialize with other N-Gage gamers.

N-Gage is now available for download for lucky Nokia N81 users. To get the N-Gage application you need to go to N-Gage First Access Community page where you will get access to N-Gage Portal application that is required to run the games and use the community-based features.

The pre-release version is unfortunately available to N81 users only and it is hoped that the official full-version release will soon support new devices too but until then the good news is that P@sco has hacked around the application to make it work with Nokia N95 (Make sure you have the latest Firmware version to experience N-Gage) which can be downloaded from the links below:

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Backup Windows Drivers? No problem!

Presenting Driver Magician, a must-have utility for everyone using Windows. I’ll present a scenario where you need to re-install windows for a lot of reasons…then before doing that you remember…Oh, I think I lost my sound card’s drivers CD…but it’s installed…That is when Driver Magician comes into party.

Driver MagicianDriver Magician offers a professional solution for device drivers backup, restoration, update and removal in Windows operating system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice.

Then when you format and reinstall/upgrade your operating system, you can restore all the “saved” drivers just as if you had the original driver diskettes in your hands. After one system reboot, your PC will be loaded and running with the required hardware drivers.

Cool, isn’t it? Also Driver Magician has a built in database of the latest drivers and can update the list through internet thus saving a lot of time in finding the appropriate drivers for your hardware.

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Get Free 1 Year Kaspersky AntiVirus Genuine License

kaspersky-logo.jpgKaspersky is one of the best paid Anti Virus software that saves your PC from viruses, worms, spywares and adwares. It is quite costly if you look at the $110 per year license price but that is nothing compared to the protection it offers for your PC.

Raymond discovered a secret Kaspersky promotion campaign that will allow you Get Free 1 Year Kaspersky Anti Virus Genuine License.

The promotion campaign site is in Chinese so you won’t be able to read whatsoever is written there but once again thanks to Raymond for giving us a walkthrough that will help everyone get a free 1 year license key. Here is how it all goes:

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Upgrade to WordPress 2.3.3 to Fix Security Flaw

wordpresslogoforrelease.pngHonestly I have not been interested in WordPress release updates lately because I was of the opinion that security flaws can not be dangerous for blogs but I had to change my opinion recently when I found out that a couple of blogs have been hacked as a result of the WordPress security loop holes.

This means that there is a big group of hackers out there who are well aware of WordPress security issues and target random blogs by hacking into the blog and deleting all the valuable data. The best way to prevent your blog from getting hacked is to keep the WordPress version updated as the new versions always contains security fixes.

WordPress 2.3.3 is an urgent security upgrade for WordPress blogs that was released just a couple of hours ago. This release fixes a flaw in the xmlrpc.php file that would allow any valid user to edit posts of any other user on that blog by implementing a specially crafted request. Plus it fixes a lot of other minor bugs too.

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Windows Vista SP1 Released to Manufacturing

vista_icon.jpgFinally after much anticipation, the Windows Product Management team at Windows Vista Blog has announced that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has been released to manufacturing (RTM) and will be available in March in five set of languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese).

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 intends to fix all bugs and issues that were reported and identified by Vista customers over the last year.

Vista Service Pack 1 claims to bring great progress in performance, reliability and compatibility. 2007 has been a great year for Windows Vista in terms of application development and device compatibility according to the Windows Vista Blog. Now over 78,000 devices and components are supported by Windows Update and as a result over 100 million licensed copies of Windows Vista have been sold.

According to the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 availability time line, it will be released to Windows Update (in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese) and to the download center on microsoft.com somewhere in mid-march. Customers who visit Windows Update will be able to choose to install Service Pack 1.

I hope with this great new news Microsoft will be able to reform the image of Vista as a good and useful product.