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Quickly Install Multiple Open-Source Applications

winlibre.gifThough paid programs and applications have a lot of uses, I have always been a fan of free and open source applications as you do not have to pay in order to use them.

Day by day the trend towards using open source application is increasing and users are ignoring commercial softwares as much as possible.

LifeHacker today introduced an app for Windows called WinLibre that will allow you to quickly install multiple open source applications. This will keep you from visiting websites of open source softwares each time you plan to download them and shall allow you to manage the download/install of various free programs through a single interface.

WinLibre not only allows you to download and install free open source software but also enables you to update previous versions of your open source apps in one single go. It will even give you the option to simultaneously download two or more open source applications.

MacLibre is brother version of WinLibre especially designed for Mac computers. This utility is great for those users who install a fresh copy of Windows and then have to download all softwares manually. This shall make the whole process a lot more automated and easy for you.



Webnode, Create Instant Websites with Ajax Builder

webnode-logo.gifUnlike a blog, a website is really hard to setup and manage and thats because it does not have any software on the back-end to support it and everything is edited, added or removed through the HTML source of the website directly.

Bloggers are really lucky in this case as we usually always have a web software to support us on the back-end e.g. WordPress, Blogger.

Website making has long been considered the work of professionals probably because of the coding knowledge that is required but the invention of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builders have made it easy for beginners and coding-noobs to make a professional website in minutes.

Webnode is a cool new WYSIWYG website builder which makes it really easy for users to build instant websites without requiring any coding experience. I Played around with the online demo a bit and found it really easy to use. It is powered by Ajax (Web 2.0 Language) therefore you don’t need to worry about adding/removing content from your website pages manually as it is all done on the fly using drag-and-drop, all thanks to Ajax.

There is no software to install, you do it all using your web browser and the best of all is that the web service is completely free to use. Also if you do not want to start from scratch, you can choose from over 40 website templates.

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Google Adsense Referrals retire for all Publishers

google-adsense-referrals.pngI thought that the year 2008 would bring new surprises for publishers using Google Adsense as their main source of earning and it did actually happen so (though in a kind of negative sense).

Google Adsense has recently announced on the Official Adsense Blog that following this year the rules for Referrals for Adsense will be changed i.e. the publishers living in regions other than North America, Latin America, and Japan will no longer be able to earn money through Referrals for Adsense.

However the publishers living in the 3 mentioned regions shall still be able to make money through referrals as normal but on a different new scheme.

Please note that this new scheme is only applicable to Referrals for Adsense and you shall be able to earn money through referrals for other products and services normally.

For Publishers in North America, Latin America, or Japan

If you are a Google Adsense Publisher belonging to any of the regions mentioned above, you will only be able to generate a referral commission of $100 (previously $250) if a publisher who has recently registered through you makes $100 in the first 180 days of sign up. The $5 and $2000 bonuses have been discarded from the new referrals scheme.

For Publishers outside North America, Latin America, or Japan

Its bad news for us that Referrals for Adsense have retired.

This is really a bad and a very sad news. I have not earned any remarkably noticeable money through referrals for Adsense but it was still a good method of making money out of new bloggers. I wonder whats next to come :(


iPod Touch is better than iPhone? Here is Why

I am feeling really excited right now as I am holding the youngest family member of Apple iPod Series in my hand. iPod Touch is still one of those new gadgets which have marked revolution in the Tech industry in terms of low price and good quality.

It really feels great to be the owner of the Apple iPod Touch as it is still one of the most talked about gadgets. I wish I could shoot a live video to show you my experience but I guess you would have already seen a lot of iPod Touch videos on YouTube.

Originally my plan was to get an unlocked iPhone here in Pakistan but soon changed my mind and bought the iPod Touch instead. Here are some reasons I would like to give in my defense for preferring the iPod Touch over an unlocked iPhone.

  • Lightweight – Thats true! though the difference of mass is just of some grams but still iPod Touch beats iPhone because its more lightweight and easy to handle.
  • More Slim -The iPhone has a 12mm thickness while the iPod Touch is only 8mm thick. Your hands will definitely feel the difference.
  • No Unlock Required – This is the biggest reason why I preferred iPod Touch over the iPhone. iPod Touch does not come locked with any service provider and can be used easily out of the box while on the other hand everyone knows that the iPhone comes exclusively for AT&T users.
  • Better Screen – Though both of the gadgets come with a cool scratch-less screen, the thing that makes iPod Touch better is its better video resolution and response time.
  • $100 Cheaper than iPhone – iPod Touch comes with a price of $299 which is $100 cheaper than the iPhone. There is 99.9% probability that you will have a phone already. Then why waste extra $100?

Please remember that this post compares iPod Touch and an Unlocked iPhone (not a normal iPhone) so before bombarding any comments like iPhone is the best ever, You suck DJ please keep that in mind.

Also if anyone is planning to Buy an iPod Touch in Pakistan. He/She can just comment or contact me 😉


Recover recently closed Porgrams and Applications

gonein60sscreenp.gifI know that the cool thing about Windows Operating System is that you can manage multiple programs and applications in separate windows and you can open as many windows as you like, simultaneously.

But there are situations in which you might be working on a lot of things together (for example, you are listening to the music, surfing the web, chatting on your favorite IM and etc) and suddenly you close a window by accident or by confusion.

Gonein60s is a little utility that will allow you to instantly recover any applications that you might have closed in haste or by accident.

Whenever you close an application by using the ALT+F4 combination or by pressing the Red X button, Gonein60s saves the application in the RAM for some additional seconds thus allowing you to recover any window within a given frame of time.

This utility allows you to customize the time for which you want to save the closed applications in the RAM plus it has an ignore list which will ignore applications even after they are closed and won’t allow you to recover them. Checking “Kill Windows” prevents this utility from saving changed documents.

It is really a lightweight application which can be very useful for users who prefer multi-tasting.

Download Gonein60s


How to Access Blocked Websites without Proxy

blocked-access.jpgThis Prohibited Access logo would seem familiar to most of you who live in countries like Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc where the Internet content is being filtered throughout every minute.

Though Internet censorship may help in many ways, it is another way of keeping users ignorant of whats going on around the Internet and around the world.

I have previously discussed many techniques to access blocked websites and bypass web filters. Some of these techniques made use of VPN services while other suggested the use of web proxies but today I have a very new useful technique for you that shall help you access blocked websites.

First of all you need to open a Text to Hex Encrypter service in your browser. Here is one such similar service.

Type in the URL of a web page (which is probably blocked by your ISP e.g. orkut.com) in the string field and hit submit. After a little processing you will see a Hex Encoded for URL. Just copy/paste it in the address bar field of your browser and enjoy.

Note: Please note that this trick only works in Internet Explorer and also remember to encode the text URL in Hex whenever you want to open a new web page.

Inspired By: Blogiseverything


Wikia Search is Live, but in alpha

wikia-search.pngWe have been hearing for long that the creator of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales has been working on a cool web 2.0 search engine called Wikia that will turn out to be a big competitor to Google Search.

Wikia Search Alpha has recently launched and it does not look that much promising at all. However that is probably because it is just in its first Alpha stage.

Wikia basically brings a new concept to the world of search engines called Freely licensed (open source) search. Means that the users will be able to rate the search results according to their relevancy and the search results will accordingly get their search engine rankings in Wikia.

This is probably a good new initiative to throw back black hat seo techniques and other methods that would allow a programmer to manipulate the search engine rankings for a particular keyword. However this also does not make Wikia a 100% fool proof search engine. Dear SEO freaks would again figure out some way to manipulate Wikia whether sooner or later.

The Alpha release is pretty much low on quality and has a lot of bugs. There is a cool feature just like Wikipedia which will allow users to edit excerpts and descriptions related to a website or web page.

I tested Wikia for the keyword “Sizlopedia” and luckily it did had Sizlopedia indexed already. Try it out for your blog and see if its worth it.

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LG Watch Phone

lg-watch-phone.jpgThe cool new gadget you see on the left is the new LG Watch Phone recently unveiled by LG at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2008.

Consumer Electronics Show is a trade show held every year where new products are announced and introduced.

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