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How to Hide Important Files inside a Picture


The title seems kind of weird and interesting but its definitely possible. You can easily hide important files inside a picture such that the file becomes totally impossible to trace. This Windows trick is not a new one and probably most of you would already know about it but for those who don’t, it can come of great use anytime.

The file you want to save inside a picture can be of any extension e.g. exe, txt, mp3, avi or any other. This is probably the most secure way of hiding your private files in case you share your computer with your family members and you don’t want them to get a peek of your hidden files.

You will be needing WinRAR to perform this trick but as it is one of the world’s most commonly used software so I would assume that everyone reading this tutorial has got it already.

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World’s First Phone with Foldable Screen

fold-away-phone.jpgPreviously, Touch Phones and devices were considered expensive and luxurious because of their fragile and complicated nature but Apple cleared this misconception by releasing a cheap touch phone i.e. the iPhone which has revolutionized the mobile market.

According to Reuters, a Dutch Company plans to take over the mobile industry in a similar manner by releasing a new type of phone which is not only a Touch Phone but also has a fold-away screen thus making it the World’s First Phone with Foldable Screen.

The Phone has a 5-inch (13-cm) display of Polymer Vision’s “Readius” that folds up when not in use and folds out whenever the user plans to read news, blog or email on the phone.

The basic plan is to make a a phone which can promote the habits of e-reading so that people don’t have to carry their laptops anymore. Though I hardly think that this phone can serve as an alternative to laptops.

The phone will be in tough competition with iPhone and Amazon Kindle which are similar products that target the same market. No official word on the price of the phone yet but it will be available somewhere between the mid of 2008.


Get a RealRank for your Blog at IzeaRanks


Back in October, Google started terrorizing the blogosphere by cutting down the Pagerank of a lot of popular blogs. Google’s aim was to stop practices of link marketing and link selling/buying as it manipulates the Google Pagerank technology.Google then targeted sites like TextLinkAds and PayPerPost by killing their Pagerank and organic traffic and threatened bloggers to quit using these services or lose Google Pagerank. As a result, many of the bloggers stopped using PayPerPost and the company went into deep loss.

Most of the bloggers and advertisers thought that the actions taken by Google were not fair at all and had to be answered somehow. Thus, after much effort and time, the creators of PayPerPost came up with an exclusive rank technology for bloggers that would devalue Pagerank in the future and give bloggers a unique identity.

This new rank technology for bloggers is known as RealRank or IzeaRanks and its foremost aim is to give exposure to blogs.

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Info Ring, Concept Gadget to Share Social Data


I have discovered and shared a lot of concept gadgets on Sizlopedia in the past year but this just keeps getting better and better. Today I discovered a new concept gadget at Yanko Design which aims to enhance Gadget 2.0 Socialization.

Gadget 2.0 Socialization is a term created by me just to make you understand how beneficial gadgets and devices can be to help us get more social in our society and very luckily this concept gadget does the same for us.

Information Ring is a product designed to exchange basic information with new people in the first meeting by shaking hands. In the hustle and bustle of today’s modern life it is almost impossible to remember how many people you have met on a particular day. The job of this gadget is to give you names of each person along with their personal information such as email, address, phone number etc.

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How to Burn ISO Files to CD

cd-burn.jpgThough some computer tasks apparently seem so easy but only one understands the difficulty of the task when one gets down to perform it.

I experienced a similar scenario when I was about to burn the gOS ISO image file to a blank CD disk.

My Nero Burning ROM version had expired and I needed to burn the gOS.iso file to my blank CD immediately. Luckily I found a free utility that would do the job of burning ISO image files to a blank CD. The great thing is that you don’t need Nero for this anymore and no sort of technical knowledge is required either.

ISO Recorder is a free Windows XP utility that allows you to burn/write ISO image files to a CD. The utility can be downloaded from here. Once you have downloaded the tool just follow the instructions and you are good to go:

  1. Insert a blank CD in your CD-RW drive.
  2. Open the folder containing the ISO image file.
  3. Right click the file name and then click “Copy image to CD”
  4. Follow the steps in the ISO Recorder Wizard to write the image to the CD.

Thanks to Petri


MacBook Air is World’s thinnest Notebook

Since I bought my iPod Touch I have become a true fan of all Apple gadgets and devices. Unfortunately I was busy with my exams during the MacWorld Expo 2008 and could not highlight the great gadgets unleashed there but now as I am free of all the study-business, I would like to introduce to you a new Apple device revealed recently that has been creating a lot of “buzz in the air”.


MacBook Air that was recently unveiled at the MacWorld Expo 2008 is the stunning new device introduced by Apple. It was marketed and promoted using the tag line “There is something in the air!” as Apple claims it to be the most light weight and thinnest notebook laptop in the world.

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Google Apps and Services now Enhanced for iPhone

iphone-google.jpgGoogle has a special interface for mobile devices called Google Mobile (http://www.google.com/m) but when we talk about the iPhone or iPod Touch, Google has a separate interface for these Apple devices which makes use of the ajax technology in Safari.

Last month, Google introduced a special interface for iPhone and iPod Touch devices to help users get a more better Google experience and has since then streamlined the interface even further.

On the first day of MacWorld 2008, Google announced new improvements to the integrated Google experience on iPhone. These improvements have been made to Google applications such as Search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, and more.

  • Improved User Interface
  • Customization of Default Tabs
  • Speedier Gmail
  • Speedier Calendar
  • iGoogle for iPhone

For as far as I have experienced the new Google applications on my iPod Touch, I would say that I have seen good improvements in Google web applications e.g. Gmail and iGoogle. However rest of the applications and services need a lot of dressing up.

To test all these Google applications and services on your iPhone, just open Safari and visit the respective Google application or service.


Convert Videos to iPod using Free iPod Video Converter

ipod-converter.jpgRunning my new iPod Touch was a whole new experience for me as I am not familiar to any of the devices by Apple at all.

First of all it took me one whole hour to figure out how to put MP3 songs and MP4 videos on my iPod Touch using iTunes.

The second biggest challenge that I faced was to figure out how to convert videos to MP4 Format so they can run on my iPod.

Google gave me a list of good video converters for iPod but they were all paid so after much research I got hold of two Free iPod Video Converter softwares that can be used by you to Convert Videos to iPod Format.

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