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Ashley Madison Hackers Release User Information


Impact Team, the hackers claiming to be behind the Ashley Madison data breach, have published private information on the 32 million registered users on the site.

The information has been catalogued in a search format, allowing any snoopers to quickly find the email address. This allows employers, friends, police and the military to check in and see if anyone has committed adultery.

The military prohibits adultery, with anywhere between one year confinement and dishonorary discharge. Several hundred military addresses were used, although it is unclear if those people signed up or if the email was misused.

Ashley Madison never asked for email confirmation, meaning someone could take a friend or public email address and use it. As with anything, not everyone is in the wrong. Many relationships are open; there are also people on the site that are not in a relationship.

The vast quantity of information leaked means at least some families are about to see changes. We expect for a lot of men and women, the writing was on the wall and this is the final straw.

Ashley Madison will most likely face hundreds of lawsuits because of the breach of trust. The site’s owner has repeatedly said the site is safe and secure, with information removed once the user has deleted the account.

This doesn’t appear to be the case, and Ashley Madison will no doubt be under severe pressure to compensate users whose information has been leaked.

It is not the biggest data breach in the past 12 months, but it is certainly the juiciest for gossip.



Apple Suffers Delays to TV Streaming Service


Apple’s TV streaming platform faces even more delays, as the company struggles to win over cable executives to new contracts. Cupertino is apparently having a hard time keeping its 40 per cent margin, which it has held onto for all types of content previously.

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FBI Seizes Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server


2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has handed over the private email server used during her time as secretary of state to the FBI.

It follows a long back and forth with the government over what Clinton should make public. At the start, the Clinton organization handed over thousands of emails to the state department, but new top secret emails have forced the FBI to get involved and shut down the operation.

Two top secret emails were found in the private email server, which have been removed from public viewing. The FBI will sort through the rest of the emails with the state department and release them at a later date.

It ends the rather worrying battle between government and Hillary Clinton. This has been a huge burden for the main democratic candidate, who has seen her position drop and pollers claim she is untrustworthy following the email scandal.

Republicans and Democrats have continuously brought up Clinton’s email scandal during the opening months of campaigning.

Even though Clinton is not the only politician to use a private email server while working for the White House, she is the most public outlier. The White House uses its own servers to make sure government emails are checked for viruses, malware and credentials. They publish them on a monthly basis.

Hillary Clinton is still in the lead position for the democratic candidacy, despite the setback making it harder for her to campaign for Republican voters.

Bernie Sanders is starting to rise in the standings, with his focus on healthcare, police reform and economy focus resonating well with democrats.


Google Merges Into Alphabet, A New Holdings Company


Google is no longer a company. It is now a subsidiary, belonging to a holdings company and conglomerate called Alphabet. The company was created by ex-Google CEO Larry Page, in a move to reorganise the portfolio.

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Facebook’s Big Video Theft Problem


Facebook wants to become the king of video, and in some metrics, it is already the winner.

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T-Mobile USA needs spectrum. It is one of the most valuable infrastructure pieces to fill the carrier jigsaw puzzle. Sadly, T-Mobile USA’s parent Deutsche Telekom doesn’t want to fund the carrier as much as AT&T and Verizon Wireless are willing to pay.

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Google Fiber’s Coming To San Antonio, Texas


Google Fiber is coming to San Antonio, Texas.

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German reporters Markus Beckedahl and Andre Meister of political website Netzpolitik are the first in over fifty years to be investigated on treason charges, after revealing German plans to expand Internet surveillance.

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