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MobileTube, Watch YouTube Videos on Your Mobile


I seriously have no idea why Google is taking YouTube so seriously. Its been hardly 2-3 days since the launch of YouTube’s new beta interface and already YouTube makes other 2 big headlines of the day. First it was the YouTube Mixer which is a new service to let you edit YouTube videos online and now it is about watching your YouTube videos on directly your mobile.

MobileTube: Watch YouTube Videos on Your Mobile

MobileTube is the new YouTube Mobile Interface that has been launched specifically for mobile users to watch videos on their mobile. The service will be available for all mobile users who have 3G mobile phones i.e. mobiles that can play streaming videos. Being “a data intensive application”, YouTube on mobile is only recommended for those people who have unlimited data transfer plan on their mobile connections.

MobileTube: Limited YouTube Videos Availability

Though the MobileTube service has officially launched but only a few of the YouTube Videos are available in the mobile version and that includes the videos which that were recently uploaded or made popular. There is a search box that lets you search videos and also three special categories: people, entertainment and “grab bag”.



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  • Ehsan June 17, 2007, 5:35 pm

    Thats very not nice of them i signed up to be notified when i t was open and they didn’t notify me grr anyways i cant use it either my GPRS isn’t fast enough grrr

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