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BlackBerry Playbook Demonstrated In Perfect Synchronization With A BlackBerry Torch In New Video

BlackBerry Playbook, the much awaited tablet from RIM, has been gained a lot of hype on the internet. However, one of the major drawbacks for some might be the fact that in order to perform heavy duty corporate functions on your Playbook, you need to tethered it with a BlackBerry smartphone. The company has now posted a new video which shows exactly how that would work. RIM has also said that the Playbook is great even without a tethered BlackBerry smartphone.

The video spanning 1 minutes and 54 second shows much of the Playbook’s native email application demonstrating how the BlackBerry Playbook and the BlackBerry Torch work in perfect synchronization, meaning that if you read an email on one device, it immediately displays it on the other device as well.

Here’s the important bit: any secured corporate data that you are using on the PlayBook while tethered is not permanent and it shall disappear as soon as you disconnect, which is one of the reasons RIM’s hyping this as a bolt-on for any corporate BES environment that won’t require any additional configuration or lines of data service.

However, for the casual BlackBerry usual, this video won’t be of much interest. For those who are following up on each and every piece of news regarding the Playbook, this can provide considerable insight,  at least of the tethered email functionality, in the BlackBerry Playbook.

Check out the video below:


Did you know: RIM previously posted another video showing SDK and flawless video playback? Check it out here.

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