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Meet ViewSonic V350, the dual sim carrying Android phone

It seems that ViewSonic folks can’t wait till tomorrow (13th February) to showcase to the world what it has in store for the Mobile World Congress event. The makers of consumers electronics and communications solutions have unveiled their upcoming Android smartphone. V350 is the name of the handset that will support dual SIM functionality which I am sure will attract people owning multiple mobile numbers.

I guess the first question is does the Android phone possess an impressive hardware profile? Why don’t we get our answer right now. The phone runs on Android 2.2, has a 3.5 inch capacitive touch-screen of HVGA quality, 5 MP auto-focus camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and the usual bells and whistles that one expects a smartphone to possess these days.

Did I miss anything related to the phone specs? What was that? Processor speed. You will be surprised to know that the PR doesn’t mention this important aspect which makes us think only one thing – the phone is equipped with a low ranked processor whose speed is less than 1 Ghz.

The manufacturers went for the Dual SIM option as they saw it as a compelling proposition. They are hopeful that V350 will be well received by the consumers. What about you?

[via Engadget]



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