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Download Facebook Home launcher app from Google Play on April 12

Facebook just announced the much awaited ‘Home’ app on Android and it looks like it is nothing more than a simple but very feature-rich launcher app for Android phones and tablets.


As per the details shared by MostAwesomeTech:

The Facebook home app will sit on your Android phone on the homescreen. Your face will be centered at the bottom of the screen like a button, and you’ll swipe up to see your apps. You’ll be able to tap on people, and bring up your messages with those people, even as you flip through different apps. You can also swipe through different “home screens” that show mainly your friend’s photos as you swipe along.

This is obviously a great new step by Facebook into making phones more social than the already are and as Mark said “home [app] is meant to make the world more open and connected”.

The new ‘home’ launcher app will be available for download through Google Play on April 12.



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