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How to Get access to Orkut Applications?

opensocial.jpg Back in November this year, Google introduced OpenSocial for Social Networks. OpenSocial provides a common set of APIs for social applications across multiple websites. With standard JavaScript and HTML, developers can create apps that access a social network’s friends and update feeds.

Currently OpenSocial widgets and gadgets are being development for various platforms such as FaceBook, MySpace, Hi5 but the main focus is set to Orkut.

OpenSocial recently opened an Orkut SandBox for developers to test the OpenSocial APIs and widgets. Developers who have signed up for the Orkut SandBox will have access to social apps and can test out Orkut widgets and gadgets. Here is what you need to do to get the OpenSocial apps on Orkut.

  1. Sign up and request access to the OpenSocial Orkut Sandbox (even if you are a developer or not)
  2. Open Orkut and navigate to http://sandbox.orkut.com/myApps.aspx
  3. Browse the Orkut applications directory and choose applications to test

Note: Unless you are accepted to the Orkut Sandbox, you probably won’t be able to test applications on Orkut so make sure you request access as soon as possible.

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How to Export Posts of an Author in WordPress

WordPress is a great content management system, much better than other web softwares of its kind available on the Internet. One of its great feature is the ability to have multi authors on a single blog. Previously the concept of multi authorship was not so popular and earlier content management systems did not support this idea. However, WordPress gives us the ease to have as many authors as we desire on a blog.

All authors in WordPress are treated as individual entities and their posts, comments, custom fields and categories are tracked along with them.

Usually when you transfer your blog you backup and export your MySQL database because it stores the data of all your posts, comments etc but what if you want to export the data of a particular author only?

This type of situation arises when an author plans to leave a multi authored blog (in order to start a new blog independently) and wants his share of posts. We can easily export the posts, comments, categories and custom fields data of that author using the Export feature of WordPress which is often overlooked.

To export the posts of a particular author go to your WordPress Admin Panel and navigate to Manage > Export. There you can choose the author and all posts, comments, categories etc of that author will be exported to your PC in XML format.

Now to Import this data to a new blog just follow the steps:

  1. Log into that blog as an administrator.
  2. Go to Manage > Import in the blog’s admin.
  3. Choose “WordPress” from the list of importers.
  4. Upload this file using the form provided on that page.
  5. You will first be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the blog. For each author, you may choose to map an existing user on the blog or to create a new user.
  6. WordPress will then import each of the posts, comments, and categories contained in this file onto your blog.

This method can also be used to backup your blog without messing with the database.

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iPhone integrated into Land Rover

land-rover-lrx-iphone-1.jpg We have already seen that the best and easiest way to market your product in today’s industry would be to relate it to the Apple wonder phone i.e. the Apple iPhone somehow and then wait for the word to spread around the globe.

Land Rover has very cleverly done the same in the Land Rover LRX concept car. Land Rover LRX is a new concept car (that probably won’t ever see the production line) but will definitely boast something (a full-fledge iPhone integration) that is bound to attract a lot of people.

It is hard to say whether the car will only have an iPhone slot or whether the iPhone will be electronically connected to the car thus controlling all its functions but if ever there is to be an iPhone integrated car it wouldn’t be so much amazing unless the luxurious car is fully controlled through the iPhone (which is more than just an ideal approach right now)

Courtesy: IntoMobile

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Nokia N96 Leaked Pics and Specifications


Nokia N96 is going to be the next high-standard phone in the Nokia N-Series family of mobile phones. Though it is said to possess some of the features of Nokia N95 and Nokia 81 yet it will bring a whole new technology with it introducing and featuring dual-slide, full QWERTY keyboard as well as a 3.2 inch Touch-Screen display.

Nokia N96 Here are some of Tech specifications of this mobile phone as shared with us by N-series US.

  • Weighs 115 grams
  • Internal memory of 10 GB
  • WCDMA 2100
  • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Measures 102.5×56×17.6 mm
  • 3.2 inch screen with 16 million colors
  • Four speakers
  • Digital TV
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Free Hulu Invitations for Everyone

hulu-logo.jpgWhat is Hulu?

Hulu is an online video on demand service that is also expected to offer video sharing. The service is a joint venture of NBC Universal. The name “Hulu” was chosen in late August, when the website went live. The service offers full-length episodes of NBC and FOX television programs, including shows from the Bravo, Fuel TV, FX, Sci Fi, Style, Sundance, and Oxygen channels. Hulu also offers selected movies. The website is currently in limited beta testing. During this test, thirty second advertisements are presented intermittently, usually in the place a normal three minute ad break would be placed.

Can anyone use Hulu “anywhere, anytime”?

Not really! Hulu is service with a slogan “anywhere, anytime” (entertainment) but actually it is being offered only to the US residents so it is not the best choice for online Television internationally.

OpenHulu! now what in the world is that?

OpenHulu is a mirror site of Hulu created by a user taking advantage of the external embed function of Hulu videos. It is not affiliated with Hulu in any way but offers a good categorized form of shows and Television series.

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Top 10 Firefox Extensions of 2007

firefox_2007_icon.jpgThe Daily Download (Blog authored by top editors of Download.com) has recently shared a list of 10 Best Firefox Extensions of 2007. The list is probably based on the most rated Firefox extensions according to Download.com statistics.

I am going to re-share the list with my readers by summarizing the original article and giving my personal experience over all the extensions that have been mentioned by The Daily Download.

Here goes the list in random order:

  1. FireFTP is a full-fledge FTP client for Windows. The extension is handy for developers who usually have to keep up and maintain their site using the File Transfer Protocol. FireFTP can handle multiple accounts and can even remember logins/passwords. It kills the need for an extra FTP client software.
  2. DownThemAll is a multi-download manager that makes it easy for you to download multiple link files from a given site or page. It auto-detects the downloadable links on a given web page and then allows you to download these files simultaneously or one by one
  3. AdBlock Plus is one of the best products of year 2007 as mentioned by PC World. This extension blocks advertisements and banners from a predefines list of ad providers.
  4. Auto Copy makes it easy for you to copy text from a web page. You can instantly copy a chunk of text by just highlighting it and it will be saved to the clipboard memory.
  5. Better Gmail compiles multiple Greasemonkey user scripts and brings you a fully-loaded high end Gmail interface. It integrates Google Reader to your Gmail inbox, offers search by date functionality, displays icons for attachments and offers cool new Gmail skins.
  6. Gmail Space is an ultimate need of all Gmail users which allows you to turn the 6GB big Gmail inbox into a file storage farm. Using this extension you can upload any sort of file to your Gmail inbox through a FTP-like interface and can later on download files from your Gmail storage box.
  7. CustomizeGoogle will give you an enhanced and well customized Google Search interface which is free of ads and sponsored links plus it will show you search engine rankings for each result.
  8. All -in-One Sidebar is the only firefox extension that shall equip you with a sidebar in firefox (Just like in Opera). You can open and manage anything in your sidebar that you would not normally want to do in a Firefox tab e.g. manage downloads or view pop-ups.
  9. Tab Mix Plus is the most adored Firefox extension that adds enhanced functionality to your Firefox tabs. With this extension you can use mouse gestures to control tabs, re-open closed tabs, duplicate tabs, merge tabs and much more.
  10. Mr Tech’s Local Install provides the tools needed to install and manage extensions and themes locally. To do this the extension provides multi-extension installation support, hacking capabilities to the Extension/Theme manager windows, features to find and troubleshoot Extensions/Themes Build, and Profile information.

Nokia 888, Bracelet-Like Concept Phone


If we take a look at today’s mobile market we realize that the mobile industry is revolutionizing with a big pace and motion. Now a days we get to see new phones and gadgets which were once just a dream and concept. Tamer Nakisci (Indusrtial Designer) introduced the Nokia 888 Bracelet-like Concept Phone in 2005 which won the Benelux design contest in 2005.

The idea was to have a mobile phone that is light-weight, fun to carry and easy and flexible to use. It is targeted to the young consumers who are likely to be active and take place in a lot of different activities because they move and change place too much. They do a lot of different things during the day.


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Free Web Proxy to Access Blocked Websites

1_sizloxy.gif Most of you would have noticed that I have not updated the blog from past 3 days. That is because I was busy working on a new open source project which was not that hard to setup but actually it was the initial investment money that really gave me the worries.

Internet censorship has gone way beyond limits now in countries like China, UAE and Saudi Arabia etc and this is certainly keeping humanity from getting to know everything that is going on over the Internet so I decided to make something that can help those people out there bypass Internet firewalls and access blocked websites.

I bought a dedicated linux server worth $350/month from the best company in the world (SoftLayer Technologies) with a unmetered bandwidth and with over 4 GM Ram based on an Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz Quad Core just to start this web proxy site which will not only help people bypass Internet filters but will also give them free access to the Internet world.

Sizloxy is a free anonymous web proxy that can handle surfing better than any other web proxy on the internet. It is based on an open source web script (PHP Proxy) with slight modifications to it. It is absolutely free to use and even handle secure connections e.g. Orkut, Gmail etc.

Sizloxy can even be used as an Orkut Proxy, it can also access Facebook, YouTube and virtually any site on the Internet. Unmetered Band quality Dedicated Linux server ensures that you surf the web without any bandwidth limitations and offers a fast, reliable and secure service. Do give it a try.