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Garmin Nuvifone, Smartphone with built-in GPS


Ok honestly I wonder why the iPhone has become the standard for all the cool smartphones in the market? I know its got some quite awesome features like the touchscreen and big monster size display but I don’t think thats all which makes it the best smartphone ever. The iPhone hype is so high that now companies have started marketing their phone products with the “iPhone-Like Smartphone” tag-line.

Garmin nuvifone is a similar type of iPhone-Like Smartphone announced by Garmin recently. Whether or not the company is promoting the phone using the iPhone-Like tag-line, we still do know that the iPhone and nuvifone have a lot in common. The touchscreen and the monstrous 3.5 inch color display is what we have seen in the iPhone already but the feature that makes nuvifone unique from the iPhone is its built-in GPS functionality.

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Prologue for WordPress


Lately a lot of people on the Internet seem to have been addicted to the very famous microblogging social network Twitter. On the other hand the hardcore bloggers still prefer to use WordPress for its splendid blogging features and high functionality.

Following the enraging multi-trends of blogging, the guys at Automattic (the company behind WordPress) decided to make a theme that would fulfill the needs of both Twitter and WordPress users. So they came up with a WordPress theme called Prologue.

Prologue is a special WordPress theme created by Joseph Scott and Matt Thomas from the Automattic team. It can be imagined as a group Twitter that brings the very unique features and functionality of Twitter to WordPress. Mathematically it is easy to understand:

Prologue = Twitter + WordPress

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How to Play .RMVB Video Files

real_logo.gifYesterday I asked a friend of mine to compile a set of music videos and mail me the archive. After downloading and extracting the compressed RAR archive I was surprised to see that the music videos were compiled into RMVB format about which I had heard before but did not know how to play it.

Little help from Jake Ludington did the job and I was able to play the movie easily. I am writing this post for users who want to know about the RMVB media format and want to know how to play RMVB files.

What is a RMVB file?

RMVB is a RealMedia Variable Bitrate file. This is one of the newer formats from Real for publishing video files, which is quickly becoming a popular format for various movie titles because of smaller file sizes and lower bitrates with exceptional quality compared to DivX.

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HTC Shift, Always Connected Mobile Computer

htc_shift.jpg Back in March 2007 when I heard about the release of Nokia N95 I was quite impressed by the tag line “It is what computers have become” that was used by Nokia to promote their product.

Little did I know that HTC on the other hand is planning for something big and gigantic.

HTC Shift is one of the very cool gadgets by HTC which has really turned me on. Being announced in March 2007 this cool piece of hardware is still on a “coming soon” status and I bet people like me are desperately waiting to get their hands on this amazing device.

HTC Shift is a always-connected mobile computer.

The unique feature of the HTC Shift is that it runs on Windows Vista Business OS and has a 7 inch big monstrous Touch screen display. It shall also feature an OS technology called SnapVUE which basically is an always-on mode that provides you instant access to critical information — including e-mail previews, local weather, calendar, and SMS – even if the device is not switched on.

Of course the Wi-Fi and 3.5G High Speed connectivity features are included too. Plus a full QWERTY keyboard makes it one of the best devices yet to come.


Check Future Free Storage Space in Gmail


Gmail inbox free storage space is growing second by second. It was only about 1 year ago that Gmail used to offer a maximum of 2 GB inbox storage space but over time this limit has increased to a big fat 6 GB.

Gmail has a live javascript counter on its main homepage that shows you an estimate of your current free inbox storage space.

My research tells me that this live counter is adding more space to each Gmail account at a rate of approximately 40 bytes per second. Now if you have enough leisure time you can just do the math to calculate how much free storage space you will have in your Gmail inbox in the future or if you want to do things fast you can just follow the trick discovered by Tipsosaurus.

  • Go to Gmail.com (make sure you don’t login or if you are already logged in, simply logout)
  • Open Windows Calendar by double-clicking the date/time in system tray
  • Select a date in the future and click OK

Now see the live javascript counter, you will notice that it reflects the expected amount of free storage space in the future. This is not some magic rather its just that javascript does the math job for you on the fly.

This trick can also be used to see how much free storage space Gmail offered in the past. The only demerit of this trick is that it may or may not be accurate. It all depends on whether Gmail will ever change the rate at which it adds more space to a user’s account about which I have already mentioned earlier.

If you are confused about how to use all your Gmail inbox free storage space more effectively, please take a look at the Utilities to use Gmail space as Google Drive.


Amphibious Car, Drive Car above Land or Underwater


They say that if you want to track the global progress and development of technology you should analyze the breakthroughs that take place in the automobile industry. New vehicles, cars and automobiles are a perfect reflection of how the technology of the world is pacing towards diversity and innovation.

Lately I shared a list of the 10 of the Most Sexy and Stylish Cars followed by a list of the Five Most Sexiest Electrically Powered Sports Car but today I am going to review a totally unique car featuring a technology that will allow people to drive above land as well as under water.

sQuba Car, being developed by Rinspeed is going to be the World’s First Ever Amphibious Car. It means that the car will be able to be driven on land or can be even taken under water. It shall have the capability to go as deep as 10 meters under water as beyond that the buoyant force and the water pressure will make the conditions unsuitable for a stable drive.

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Orkut Celebrates its 4th Birthday


Finally Orkut has stepped into the shoes of a four year old today and I wish a very Happy Birthday to Orkut. Orkut has evolved like a plague during the past four years.

I remember celebrating Orkut’s 3rd Birthday in 2007 where I discussed about some of the new features that had been incorporated into Orkut plus I discussed what Orkut needs more to get into neck-to-neck competition with MySpace, FaceBook and other famous social networks.

Probably most of you would have always wondered why I emphasize on Orkut more than any other social network. The reason for this is because Orkut is much more different than other social networks out there. It is more like a virtual world where you meet people and interact with them socially. Though FaceBook and MySpace let you do the same but Orkut has its unique sense of social interaction which can not be described until you experience it yourself.

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How to Hide Important Files inside a Picture


The title seems kind of weird and interesting but its definitely possible. You can easily hide important files inside a picture such that the file becomes totally impossible to trace. This Windows trick is not a new one and probably most of you would already know about it but for those who don’t, it can come of great use anytime.

The file you want to save inside a picture can be of any extension e.g. exe, txt, mp3, avi or any other. This is probably the most secure way of hiding your private files in case you share your computer with your family members and you don’t want them to get a peek of your hidden files.

You will be needing WinRAR to perform this trick but as it is one of the world’s most commonly used software so I would assume that everyone reading this tutorial has got it already.

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