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How to Access Hulu from Outside the US

hulu-logo1.jpgHulu has claimed fair amount of popularity since its release in 2007 as it allows users to watch full episodes of their favorite TV shows. Similarly Pandora is famous for its free online music entertainment features.

However the sad part is that both of these sites provide content for the US users only and other users living across the world can not access the content on both of these sites.

One way of accessing Hulu or Pandora from outside the US is to use a good web proxy that is strong enough to provide you the bandwidth to watch videos and fast enough to stream the content without any loading problems.

The other way, as discussed by TechCrunch, is to use a good and reliable VPN service. VPN or Virtual Private Network offers a secure pipe from where you can access the web, and in turn disguise the location of the user on the end connection. Most of the VPN services are commercial and are costly but there is one VPN service which is still free.

HotSpot Shield provides a free VPN service for Windows and Mac OSX users for free. The service is free because it uses banner advertisement so every page you visit using this VPN service will have a banner ad on the top but as long as it charges $0 you can’t complain much.

Using this free VPN service you will be able to watch videos at Hulu and you will also be able to listen music on Pandora. Great isn’t it?


Enhance Windows Vista Start Menu

vistastart1.jpgUnlike Windows XP, the start menu in Windows Vista has got a little enhancement that makes it more useful and that is its search feature. You can search for documents, files, programs, applications, music or anything on the fly.

However the search function of Windows Vista start menu is not good enough to search anything over the Internet but I have a good little utility for you that will enhance your Windows Vista start menu thus giving you more control over the search functionality.

Start++ is an enhancement for the Start Menu in Windows Vista. It also extends the Run box and the command-line with customizable commands.

For example, typing “w Windows Vista” will take you to the Windows Vista page and typing “sudo” followed by a command will run that command with elevated (admin) privileges.

Using this application you can even execute advance search commands. For example, typing “play Linkin Park” will find all music that matches the keyword “Linkin Park”, compile the results into a .M3U file, and launch it in Windows Media Player.

You can import/export your favorite commands and can also create shortcuts for commands using the Start++ configuration UI.

Download Start++


Give Unique Color to Folder Icons in Windows

rainbox-folders.jpgWhile some of the users prefer to make less folders in Windows to find the content stored within them easily, most of them like to make as many folders as possible so they can divide and categorize the content in a good hierarchy.

Making a huge number of folders can be a good productive strategy as it allows a better distribution of content but at the same time it can be troublesome for you in cases where you need to find a file stored within a folder urgently.

Another easy way to organize your folders in a better manner is to assign a color to each folder icon depending upon the content that is stored within it.

Rainbow Folders is an easy to use tool, which allows you to change color of the icon representing chosen folder to any color you like. This application will let you colorize your folder icons easily helping you to remember what content lies within folders of the same color.

The folder icon colors will be visible in every Explorer window. This application can help you boost your computer usage speed and skills. Here are some of the possible benefits of using Rainbow Folders:

  • Give the same color to folders that contain same type of content
  • Assign unique colors to folders which have unique content
  • Colorize a folder that you access frequently
  • Manage your favorite folders with the help of colors assigned to their folder icons

This application can definitely help you boost your productivity.

Download Rainbow Folders


Top 5 Geek Gadgets and Gizmos

ThinkGeek is the biggest and the most excellent repository of Geek gadgets on the web. These gadgets include everything ranging from a little USB memory watch to huge USB mini fridge.

The great use of these gadgets and gizmos is that they can be used in the perfect Geek manner i.e. you can use them by connecting them to your PC via a USB cable or you can simply use them via a portable battery.

I have picked out Top 5 Geek Gadgets and Gizmos which I think are the most useful, stylish and the most geeky. Here you can read a little description about these gadgets.

Metallic Video Watch with OLED Screen


This is the perfect Geek watch specially made for the tech savvy people. It has the ability to play audio and video and also has the communication functionality. It has a 128×128 resolution OLED screen which is capable of playing full-color videos or can even show you a slideshow of your photos. It also has a built-in microphone and can be recharged through a USB cable.This gadget comes with a big fat storage capacity of 2 GB.

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Blog Statistics for December 2007

december-2007-stats.jpg The year 2007 has ended and I am a little late in publishing my December 2007 statistics but it would still be interesting enough for you to take a look at.

It is really becoming hard for me to cope with Sizlopedia and my other online projects because of my studies but I will try my best not to miss any event or news related to technology ever. I am currently doing Telecommunication Engineering and surely only an Engineering student can understand how tough it is to manage time between your hobby and your studies.

Sizlopedia is my hobby and I am more like addicted to it now. It is not the money earned that attracts me towards blogging rather it is the passion of sharing knowledge that helps me always in my blogging journey.

Sizlopedia Beats John Chow

December 2007 attracted the most visitors ever. Once again I managed to break all my previous traffic records and luckily I was also able to beat John Chow’s traffic for the first time ever.

This helps you learn that if you stop talking non sense on the Internet and share some worthy and useful articles, not only you get self-satisfaction but you are also able to attract a whole lot of traffic without much effort.

The end slogan still remains “Content is the King”

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Sizlopedia Celebrates its First Birthday

sizlopedia-birthday-cake.jpgJanuary 01, 2008 marks the beginning of a new year and it is the day on which Sizlopedia.com celebrates its first birthday.

Exact 1 year ago Sizlopedia.com came into being. I started this blog as a platform to share my interests and knowledge. The blog now primarily focuses on topics such as Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Windows, Google, Tips and Tricks and Making Money Online ventures.

I have discovered a whole new world in the year 2007 and look forward to discover more of it in the coming years.

In this year I started a lot of cool open source projects. Here is a list of them:

  1. Picsopedia – Free Image Hosting Service
  2. iBlogStats – Free Web 2.0 Blog Stats
  3. Sizloxy – Free Anonymous Web Proxy

All of them have paid me off quite well but this is still not the end.

100% Google Adsense Revenue Sharing on Sizlopedia in 2008

You heard that right! This blog will soon turn into a 100% Google Adsense Revenue Sharing blog and I will be the chief editor. For those bloggers who want to make profit out of their articles and want to get recognition in the blogosphere, they will be welcomed at Sizlopedia as authors and will be able to make 100% revenue out of their exclusive technology articles through the Google Adsense program.

This is yet to be implemented here on Sizlopedia. I will make an announcement as soon as vacancies for authors are open.

The Free Wiki Blog Project

The Free Wiki Blog will be a new blog based on the domain TheFreeWiki.com and it will introduce the concept of Wiki Blogging to the Blogosphere. It will be a blog very similar to Google Knol where authors write articles and make money out of it. Plus top authors will be rewarded each month for their great efforts.

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Get a Free WordPress Hoodie

wordpress-hoodie.jpg Everyone likes to show off and of course there is no harm in it. As a new year gift, Matt gives us this new navy blue WordPress Hoodies which is just amazing.

Well, if you are too tired of blogging around on WordPress, just put on your WordPress Hoodie and start wandering around your town streets. At least someone will figure out that you are a proud user of the WordPress Blogging System.

The hoodie is just excellent for exclusive branding and some pomp and show.

Basically it is a classic unisex drawstring sport hoody made by American Apparel, screen printed with the WordPress logo.

You can buy this WordPress Hoodie from the official WordPress Merchandise Shop.


Benazir Bhutto Assassination Video

benazir-assasination.jpg Most of you would already know about the event that has left the heart of all Pakistanis filled with sadness and sorrow. It was the assassination of one of my country’s most powerful and talented woman Benazir Bhutto.

Though I hardly go off topic but being a representative of my country in the blogosphere and on the Internet world I must express the great sorrow that has overpowered my heart after the assasination of Benazir Bhutto.

She was a former prime-minister of Pakistan and had firm grounds of becoming the prime minister once again in 2008. They say that she wanted democracy but I say Benazir Bhutto is Democracy.

Here is the official assassination video of Benazir Bhutto as released by the Government of Pakistan. Though you will see gun shots being fired and a bomb blast but her actual death was caused due to a head injury and not because of any of the former.

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